"The Heavy Hitters were exactly what we wanted our party and more!  Great selection of music and super talented musicians.  They perform the songs so well, there are moments you think you're at the original artists' concert."


- Denise M. -

The Heavy Hitters started as a way for some well known musicians from the CT music scene - who had crossed paths between the various projects they were involved in – to share their love of music together and create an opportunity to play with other fantastic musicians on the scene by starting the Heavy Hitters Open Mic.   After doing this for a few years and becoming musically bonded. it was realized that their collective 150+ years of experience left them with 100’s of songs to be able to just call out and play and play them really well (unrehearsed) to which ultimately led them to ask themselves "Why aren’t we taking this on the road?” And that's exactly what they did!  Head on over to the Members page to learn a little about each of the Heavy Hitters.


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